Issues Clients face in Patent/Trademark

Issues Clients face in Patent/Trademark

  • Understanding procedural options available at each step of patent process.
  • Understanding if a trademark is available to be used.
  • Understanding if an invention is potentially patentable.
  • Strategizing to identify the key inventive concept and positioning the invention for the best chance to be awarded a patent.
  • Evaluating the potential benefit and ROI of a patent.
  • Strategizing the branding program for a business.
  • Evaluating where to allocate legal budget

How we provide a solution to these problems:

  1. We can perform a clearance search within a few days when needed in a hurry. We have access to professional databases that can search all 50 states trademark registers in addition to the USPTO with powerful search criteria. Our databases also allow us to search unregistered trade names by searching corporate files and domain names, uncovering common law trade mark that are not registered but could give rise to an infringement claim in their market territory. Years of experience gibes us insight into how a potential application is likely to be handled by the Trademark Examming Attorney, allowing us to give the best advice and create the best strategies for our clients.
  2. We can perform professional patent searches with a few business days. We have our searches performed by the same licensed patent professionals that write and prosecute patent applications, not unlicensed paralegals or searchers. We do more than provide our clients with a stack of patents we located. We read analyze and dissect the most pertinent references to give you a professional review of how your invention is situated in the technology landscape. We also give you several options you may have for proceeding with your invention.
  3. Our professional databases allow us to search patents in several languages, uncovering important foreign prior art that could impact your decision making or be used as prior art against you during the patent process.
  4. Experience helps us understand the potential outcome of various actions during patent prosecution. Each step has several procedural options to respond. We can work with the client to devise a strategy that best meets the commercial objectives and goals. There is always a delicate balance between broad claim scope and affordable patent coverage.
  5. We collaborate with our clients to understand potential legal options, evaluating time, cost and overall benefit of available options. We help the client determine which path provides the best strategic benefit or ROI. We don’t substitute our judgment for the clients, we provide the information necessary to for decision-making.
  6. We help our clients determine potential inputs and outputs so ROI can be calculated.
  7. A strong intellectual property protection program incorporates long-term and short-term objectives, and incrementing a strategy that meets both commercial needs and legal budgets. It also involves collaborating with all of the stakeholders to develop an IP protection program that is practical and workable in the real word environment of a business in its daily operations.
  8. Branding strategy does not stop at conception of a new name or logo. Branding involves creation of a portfolio of house marks and product marks that are recognizable in the market place. It doesn’t stop there, it includes trade dress, product packaging and other nontraditional trademarks. These are bolstered with design patent and copyright protection. We collaborate with clients to develop strong branding that propels the business to the next level while preventing copycats from palming off on their prestige and good will.

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