C-licensees or the grandfathered beer wholesale license (often called “beverage centers”) can sell these items:

  • non-alcoholic snack foods (defined as ready to eat finger foods ordinarily intended to be served cold or at room temperature, such as nut and seed meats, cooked pork rinds, pretzels, popped corn and a variety of other similar finger foods which are prepared from high-starch and/or cellulosic edible materials)
  • non-alcoholic carbonated beverages
  • non-carbonated soft drinks, mineral waters, spring waters, drinking water, non-taxable malt or cereal beverages, juice drinks, fruit or vegetable juices, ice, liquid beverage mixes and dry or frozen beverage mixes
  • wine products (not wine!)
  • promotional items
  • the sale of tobacco products
  • candy, chewing gum and cough drops
  • non-refrigerated salsa
  • cigarette lighters, lighter fluid, matches and ashtrays
  • barbecue and picnic-related products and supplies, which shall include, but not be limited to, charcoal, grills, propane gas, plastic and paper cups, paper or plastic tablecloths and coolers
  • beer making and brewing supplies and publications, which shall include, but not be limited to, books, magazines, equipment and ingredients
  • steins, mugs and other glassware appropriate for the consumption of beer, malt beverages and wine products
  • items typically used to serve beer and malt beverages including, but not limited to, taps, kegerators, koozies and beer socks
  • lemons, limes and oranges, provided that no more than two dozen of each shall be displayed at any one time
  • rock salt, ice and snow melting compounds, snow shovels
  • windshield washer solvent
  • firewood
  • beach umbrellas
  • sunglasses and sun block
  • prepaid telephone cards
  • a single automated teller machine

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