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5 Steps for Spring Cleaning Your Brand Assets

You may be doing some spring cleaning at home or in your yard as the winter seasons fades away. Now that tax season is over, it is a great time to to do some spring cleaning at your business. One … Continue reading

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Congratulating Michael Jordan in a Sports Illustrated Ad Earned a Business a Lawsuit from the Celebrity

When celebrities receive awards or reach professional milestones, businesses often run congratulatory advertisements that both salute the celebrity and promote their brand.  While those seem to be supporting the celebrity, celebrities have initiated legal action for misappropriation and unauthorized use … Continue reading

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Brand Protection with the New gTLD’s (generic top level domains)

Between 1,400 and 2,000 new gTLD’s will soon hit the internet.  They include popular generic search terms like .app, .auto, .car, .music, .movie, .shop, .clothing, .singles, .shopping and others. If you have not already done so, you should consider registering your … Continue reading

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Lessons in Using your Surname in your Brand Identity

Many business owners use their surname in their business’ name and brand identity. This is especially true in the restaurant, fashion and alcoholic beverage industries. Is this a good business strategy? Not always. Let’s look at some common scenarios that … Continue reading

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Tommy Lee in a Motley Mess

A trade secret misappropriation lawsuit was filed against rock star drummer Tommy Lee and his band Motley Crue. Howard King claims that in 1991 he developed an idea and concept for a “Tommy Lee Loop Coaster,” a platform on wheels … Continue reading

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Social Media Risks to Brand Protection

While social media allows brand owners to better engage with a diverse array of consumers, it also creates protection and enforcement issues. What can companies do to better protect their brand and marks in this social media age? 1. Adopt … Continue reading

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Receiving a Cease & Desist letter – Part 3: exploring patent licenses In Part 1 of this series on cease & desist letters, I explained that the first course of action should be to hire a patent attorney for an … Continue reading

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Expanding your brand overseas

Clients often call me with news that they’ve received internet inquiries from foreign customers who found the company online. While they are excited about the prospect of foreign sales, these clients are also worried about protecting future potential markets from … Continue reading

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What tools are in your toolbox for brand protection?

In my previous blog about brand management, I discussed what a brand is, the importance of developing a brand, and how to manage it. With all the time and effort you spend accomplishing this, it becomes increasingly crucial that this … Continue reading

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