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Beware of Employee Agreements

  Many employees sign confidentiality and non-compete agreements when accepting a new job. While the stack of on-boarding paperwork for a new job seems routine, the obligations included in these non-compete agreements are anything but routine. Employees must carefully understand … Continue reading

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Tips for Breaking Free from Alice’s Shackles

I wish I had never met Alice! I feel she’s imposed on me, much like how a spouse is imposed on another in an arranged marriage or a mother-in-law that overstayed her welcome. Alice is here to stay. Of course I’m referring to … Continue reading

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Avoiding Trademark Pitfalls

Why Not Use A Low Cost Online Provider for your Trademark Registration? When someone wants to protect, they don’t just need a simple registration form completed and then filed. Frankly, anyone can complete a form. However, even a well prepared … Continue reading

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Great Harvest Bread Co.

Great Harvest Bread Co. uses the slogan “Bread. The way it ought to be.” Panera uses the slogan “Food As It Should Be.” Great Harvest alleges that Panera uses its similar slogan on products that directly compete with the bakery’s … Continue reading

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