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Awe, Man! Don’t Take Away The Cool Stuff!

AWE, MAN! DON’T TAKE AWAY THE COOL STUFF! Those cool new car features that allow integrated on board car cameras and multi-purpose navigation devices might be short lived.  The music industry groups are suing Ford, GM and other car manufacturers … Continue reading

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CHOP Confusion

Rutgers University applied to register “Chop” for various merchandise after its first bowl game. The winning season’s mantra was “just keep chopping wood.” The University’s application met with opposition from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia who had used the CHOP … Continue reading

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Information is Power

Information is Power Information is power. When you are adopting a new product name, you need information to make informed decisions and minimize the risk of problems down the line. Problems can, and generally do, cost thousands of dollars and … Continue reading

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Federal Craft Beverage Trademark Protection May Be In Peril

Federal Craft Beverage Trademark Protection May Be In Peril The “Flatizza” mark was applied for by Readi Spaghetti, a restaurant in Washington. Two months later the Subway franchise Doctor’s Associates Inc. applied for the same mark and filed an opposition … Continue reading

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