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Global Patent Prosecution Highway

The Global Patent Prosecution Highway (GPPH) pilot program is a multilateral agreement between thirteen national Patent Offices that will provide patent applicants with an option to accelerate patent examination in one participating Patent Office based on sufficiently corresponding allowable claims … Continue reading

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Realistic Expectations for Licensing Consumer Product

Inventors often seek to license their products to companies that sell on TV – infomercials, QVC or HSN – sales channels known in the industry as direct response television sales.  They are easily dismayed to be offered royalties of 3% … Continue reading

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Trade Dress or Design Patent? Why Not Both!?

Design patents are faster to acquire but they only have a 14 year lifespan for protection.  Trade dress (distinctive, brand identifying appearance or packaging) offers protection for as long as the identifying design is used in commerce.  The two work … Continue reading

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A New Resource for Retailers Dealing with Patent Trolls

The Electronic Freedom Foundation has created the Trolling Effects project to help companies defend against patent trolls (or non-practicing entities if you want to be politically correct).  The Trolling Effects website houses a database of troll demand letters so retailers … Continue reading

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Can I Ignore a Settlement Demand Letter? (No)

What You Should Do If You Receive a Settlement Demand Letter for Alleged Copyright Infringement by your Website……… First – Do Not Ignore The Letter! If you have received a Settlement Demand Letter, the first step is to determine if … Continue reading

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Post-Office Action Program Extended at USPTO

The United States Patent Office announced that the After Final Consideration Pilot 2.0 (AFCP2.0), which had been scheduled to expire on December 14, 2013, has been extended through September 30, 2014.  The program is designed to expedite prosecution of patent … Continue reading

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Venture Jobs Foundation – Money to Start Business in Rochester

The Venture Jobs Foundation is a local not-for-profit investor in small businesses in distressed neighborhoods.  The Venture Jobs Foundation was launched in June 2012 by Trillium Group LLC general partners Dennis DeLeo and Frank Strong Jr. but operates separately from … Continue reading

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Divorces and Patents – the problem of the Ex-Spouse

Many companies have standard patent assignment agreements that assign employee inventions to the employer.  But what if the inventor is married?  Or, what if the inventor marries during his or her employment and the invention is created during the marriage?  … Continue reading

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Lessons in Using your Surname in your Brand Identity

Many business owners use their surname in their business’ name and brand identity. This is especially true in the restaurant, fashion and alcoholic beverage industries. Is this a good business strategy? Not always. Let’s look at some common scenarios that … Continue reading

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